Welcome, I'm President Nutcracker, the publisher of The Democrats Are Nuts .Com. We are a unique satire site, featuring real news delivered by nutcracker journalists.

The headlines are real. The interviews and quotes are satire, based on real responses by Democrats on social media. 

In the era of Trump, the Democrats have lost their minds. They are truly nuts. Who better to report on the nutty Democrats than a crack staff of journalist nutcrackers?

As a limited edition collectible figurine (available by clicking the Shop tab), I cannot vote in US elections (except maybe in Chicago). But I can make a difference in our great elections, and help to re-elect Donald J. Trump in 2020.  By revealing just how nuts the Democrats truly are, perhaps more voters will choose to walk away from the nutty Democrat party.

Please meet our amazing staff of journalists who make this site possible:

President Nutcracker, Publisher

Suzzanne Monk, Editor in Chief

I am the creator of President Nutcracker. I designed him in 2017, and have been creating this limited edition collectible in my home workshop ever since.

Which is why it is so amazing to see my little buddy start his own news site!  They grow up so fast!

Yes, if you are wondering, the articles are actually all written by me. Nutcrackers can't type, silly.  As a podcast host and author of 3 books about supporting President Trump, I have learned a few things about these nutty Dems.


As I comedian, I also know that humor is so important in surviving these nutty Democrats, so when the nutcrackers came to me with the idea, I was happy to get on board. 

I hope you enjoy our little satire page. Remember to register and vote red.  The Democrats are Nuts!

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